Emergency and Advanced Dental Services

Emergencies seen first.

Whether you have a child who’s had a tooth knocked out or you’ve been in an accident that has left your mouth bloody and your jaw possibly broken, we can react in a hurry to your dental emergency.

Maybe you’ve let things go too long.

When you suspect the pain you’re experiencing is from a cavity-past-bad or some other dental condition you’ve dreaded having checked out, you can feel comfortable coming to us. We’ll help you assess the situation.

No shame; just care.

You won’t be lectured or treated with disdain – you’ll be treated warmly and supported in the care of your dental health. We want to heal your pain and make you smile again.

If you find your dental health turning a corner – or you run into one – come to us:

  • Same day appointments and repairs
  • Sports dentistry
  • Pain management
  • Root canals, teeth extractions and gum therapy
  • Dental fillings, bonding, implants, caps and crowns
  • Oral trauma surgery
  • Oral sedation dentistry