Welcome to Omaha Dental Care

Enjoy the best smile you can have every day.

Routine cleanings and dental check-ups are a part of general good health. Come to our office and learn how going to the dentist does not have to be a stressful, negative thing!

Options that will suit your schedule, your needs and your budget.

You won’t experience inconsiderate waits that hamper your own efficiency. And we’ll lay out treatment alternatives based on what’s going on in your mouth – and in your wallet.

Take the stress out of your dental visit.

Get a dentist who values communication and takes the time to listen to you. You can feel comfortable coming in, even if you haven’t been to a dentist in years.

For a healthy, bright smile and the difference a positive dentist can make:

Routine Dental Care – Take the time for a good cleaning, a check-up, preventative care or denture needs.
Emergency And Advanced Care – Whether you need pain management, a quick fix or oral surgery, we can take care of you.
Cosmetic Dentistry – From teeth whitening to dental veneers to crown work, we’ll make you want to smile more.

Come as you are, leave your anxieties at the door, and prepare for a healthier future.

Good day. My name is Dr. James Ellis, and I am pleased to welcome you to Omaha Dental Care. At our office we know that your dental health is a very personal matter. Our office is here for the sole purpose of making your dental experience and your sense of self-esteem a positive one!

I am frequently asked what I enjoy most about dentistry. I really enjoy spending time with my patients and listening. What I frequently hear from patients is that they feel bad about their smile and really want to change, but just don't know how. I like to help these patients move forward with their health and close the door on their past. Sometimes the solution is as simple as helping them brush better, and sometimes a complete smile makeover is needed.

I always tell my patients to come as they are, leave their anxieties at the door, and prepare for a healthier future.

For a friendly office, comfortable care and dental know-how, call Omaha Dental Care at 402-333-3343 and set an appointment today! Move forward with your dental health!